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Presenting our mixers is like presenting a part of our company's history. When Turello was established in 1975, production actually centred on machines for the sealant industry.

Today, over forty-five years later, we are still at the forefront of this market. Innovation, research and coming up with solutions to meet our customers' needs have perfected our production capacity. We serve different markets and we manufacture both stand-alone industrial mixers and complete systems for the production of sealants, from mixing right up to final filling.

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Mixing has never been easier

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Example of static mixer.

Turello Press Mixer (TPM): innovation and safety

One of product catalogue's strengths is our mixers available in a wide range of sizes (for tanks from 50 up to 3000 litres) and powers. The very first link of the production chain can be purchased either stand alone or as part of complete systems, capable of carrying out all production phases in a "closed environment". The key part of these systems is the TPM industrial mixer , acronym for Turello Press Mixer, which is a mixer with a built-in extrusion system. Production batches range from 600 to 3500 litres. The TPM can be single or double shaft, where a lateral shaft acts as a high-speed disperser.

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Our catalogue of customisable industrial mixers

To meet the wide variety of needs, the catalogue of static mixers also includes:

• TMD: three shaft vacuum mixers used in the processing of high-viscosity products;

• TMDLPS: planetary vacuum mixers used for processing high and very high viscosity;

• TMDLP: the evolution of TMDLPS series planetary mixers specifically designed for producing silicone elastomers and in particular LRS;

• TBM: butterfly mixers used for processing medium and high viscosity products;

• TDH: turbo dissolvers available in various configurations;

• TMR: through-floor mixers used in processing a vast range of low and medium viscosity products. Particularly suitable for medium and large sized specific productions;

• TMX: vacuum dispersers with built-in extrusion system. They have been designed as an evolution of through-floor dispersers where product velocity doesn't permit the effects of gravity to come into play, therefore making them ideal for preparing intermediates in silicone sealant production.

Static mixers and laboratory mixers

Turello static mixers are multi-head volumetric dosing units with integrated mixing system. They are available in the DSM series and in the DSMM series with manual volume adjustment. Both series can be combined with all packaging systems and their modular construction means the number of heads and mixing elements can be chosen according to specific production requirements. Turello has created, for the specific needs of the laboratory sector, the TLM and TLMP series, which enclude the whole features of the Turello mixers Available in versions up to 50 litres, they ensure the versatility and low maintenance costs you are looking for.

laboratory mixer machine
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Certifications: our focus on safety and quality

We have always paid great attention to the working conditions under which our machines will operate. We have designed complete systems so as to eliminate any risks associated with handling harmful and toxic products when manufacturing sealants, paints and lubricants. Therefore operators no longer run the risk of being exposed to reagents. Turello's focus on safety is topped off by the certifications it provides on all its products plus specific certifications on request:
• all Turello mixers can be ATEX certified for use in classified environments;
• approved to construct pressure tanks, vessels and equipment in compliance with the PED Directive 97/23/EC;
• able to supply tanks and vessels according to the Asme Directive Sect. VIII division 1.

Turello support: fast and reliable

The range of solutions on offer is made possible by a warehouse that allows us to provide our customers with fast spare parts support that is able to solve any problem. Our customer support service is always on hand to guide you in customising the perfect machine for your production needs, for its installation and for the post-sales maintenance phase.

Markets and applications

Food industry
food industry

For every production line

The range of our mixing systems includes:

• sigma mixers for pastes with high viscosity (TKE)

• planetary mixers (TMDLPS)

• mixers with three shafts and mobile head (TMD) or with fixed head (TMS)

• butterfly mixers (TBM)

• through-floor mixers (TMR)

• dispersers (TDH).

Our continuous research has enabled us to develop specific mixers for some types of product:

• TMDLP planetary mixers for the production of LSR

• TMBS butterfly mixers for the production of polyurethane sealants

• TPM pressmixers for the sealants production in continuous line

• TMX mixers for the preparation of the liquid components in sealants production lines

For over 30 years our company has developed in line pigmentation systems for sealants with medium and high viscosities. Particularly appreciated for :

• the flexibility in the production process and suitable for the production of small batches,

• the elimination of inventories

• the reduction of cleaning time, both in mixing and extrusion systems.

They can be supplied either in fully automatic version (DSM) for the most applications or in semi-automatic version (DSMM) for less accurate applications.

Being able to reproduce the exact development of the production process on a reduced scale is a necessary demand for the research and development of new products. The two series of mixers from our production, (TLM) and (TLMLP), ensure perfect reproducibility of the industrial process and are valid solutions to this need.

Turello agents and our customer service

Our customer support service relies on the collaboration of a network of representatives present in China, South Korea, the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom and is able to analyse the needs of your company quickly in order to be able to present a customised project capable of satisfying your needs. The relationship of trust that we establish with our customers does not stop when a machine leaves our factory but continues in the care of the routine and extraordinary maintenance of your Turello industrial machines and in a prompt support service in case of breakdowns or malfunctions.

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