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Complete packaging machines: Turello's solutions

Our company has expanded its selection of industrial packaging machines over the years by listening to our customers and understanding their needs.

Innovation, automation and choice have become features of all our products.

This also applies to the packaging sector where we offer comprehensive solutions for packaging and handling cartridges, bags, cans, drums and tubes.

filling animation example

*Real representation of the production speed ARCC ( 55 cartridges / minute )

filling containers

A specific solution has been designed for each container.

Packaging cartridges

Turello packaging machines can handle plastic, aluminium and cardboard cartridges. The ARCC series is an automatic horizontal machine for medium and high viscosity pastes. Over the years it has been developed with innovative technical solutions such as electronic control of the filling phase. ARCC machines are extremely reliable, have PLC control and offer great performance (55 cartridges per minute), thereby making them some of the most efficient systems on the market. The ARCV series is a vertical packaging system that ensures the very same technical specifications as the ARCC series but can also be used in specific cases according to characteristics of the product (low viscosity), of the packaging (two-component cartridges) or specific production needs (packaging machines with 3 or more heads). The range of set-up options allow the ARCV series to be customised according to specific customer requirements. The APPM and ADC series are cartridge closing devices that manually (APPM) or automatically (ADC) deal with this phase of the production process. They are ideal for low production volumes where it wouldn't be worth investing in an automatic packaging system.

Marking, handling and selecting cartridges

To satisfy every marking need there is a wide range of devices belonging to the ARTE series, which rotate and/or move the cartridge. Agreements with leading companies in the sector also allow Turello to supply marking and/or labelling devices. Our product range is completed by ACR series conveyor belts, which allow cartridges to be moved within departments, and ASC series selection systems, which allow the storage, selection and correct orientation of empty cartridges before entering silk-screen printing machines .

cartridge filling animation
sausage filling animation

Packaging sealants in sausages

We have been developing and manufacturing automatic machines for packaging sealants in sausages for over 30 years. The various series differ mainly for the closing system, originally sealed and now done using horizontal clips. The SLMT (round clips) and SLMP (flat clips) series are designed to work with clips from all the major suppliers on the market. They guarantee a high production capacity (up to 40 pieces per minute) and their control and management systems make them reliable and easy to use.
They can be combined with the DSM and DSMM series and can be customised with a wide range of available options highlighted in the technical data sheet.

Packaging in cans

We have also decided to create a vast catalogue of machinery for can packaging that is able to meet the needs of companies with very different production volumes. The BR series of manual packaging machine represents the ideal solution for low production volumes, guaranteeing maximum flexibility at a low cost. Available in the by weight version and by volume version. The BRCV series packaging machines, on the other hand, are specifically aimed at the offset ink industry. We have actually developed two specific features for this sector that let the air present in the cans be replaced with an inert substance (nitrogen) during the closing phase and make it possible to use the vacuum technique to protect the material contained in the can. Also available in by weight and by volume versions. Finally, the BRCH series packaging machines are specifically designed for the hot-melt market. Designed to work with high temperature products, they are able to accommodate a range of can sizes. Tailorable according to customer needs, they are available in by weight and by volume versions.

can filling animation
drum filling animation

Packaging machines for drums

The RF series drum packaging machines are used for packaging low and medium viscosity products. In addition to the variety of configurable options in line with various company needs, one of this series' advantages is the short feed hoses that make it easy to clean. Turello offers three series machines for packaging high viscosity products in 200-litre industrial drums or in metal drums:

• the RFP series allows the product to be spread over the entire surface avoiding any air entering the drum thanks to its particular configuration (fixed drum and lifting plate in contact with the product);

• the RFS series maintains the characteristics of the RFP series but keeps the nozzle fixed and provides for the lifting of the drum, thus allowing the use of rigid and shorter pipes;

• the RFV series offers vacuum filling and thus avoids air entering the drum even without the lifting mechanism of the plate or the drum as per the two previous series.

Packaging machines for tubes

The two series of tube packaging machines designed and produced by Turello are the CTM series and the CTA series. CTM machines are manual devices for closing aluminium tubes by folding the flaps and are well suited to use with low production volumes or high packaging variability. CTA tube filling machines, on the other hand, are automated for the packaging of medium and high viscosity pastes in aluminium or polyethylene tubes.

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Markets and applications

Food industry
food industry


The range of products that our company is able to offer for the packaging and handling of plastic cartridges, aluminum and cardboard represent the most complete market offer including:

• Automatic packaging machines, horizontal (ARCC) or vertical (ARCV) with 1, 2 or more heads,

• Manual or automatic devices (APPM) for closing plastic and aluminum cartridges (ADC),

• Seaming machines for aluminum cartridges (AOC),

• Cartridges rotators for applying labels and stamps (ARTE),

• Systems for storage filled cartridges (ACM)

• System for empty cartridges (AMCV)

• Conveyors and orientation devices for filled cartridges (ACR),

• Selection and orientation systems for empty cartridges (ASC).


For over 25 years our company has been engaged in the development and manufacture of automatic machines for the packaging of sealants in bags. Initially, the development focused on systems for packaging bags with ends welded closed and subsequently, following the market evolution, for bags with ends closed with horizontal development clips. Currently the production range is comprised of two types of packaging machines:

• Horizontal packaging machine for round clip (SLMT)

• Horizontal packaging machine for flat clip (SLMP)


To pack cans, our company can offer a wide range of equipment, from simple manual packaging to fully automatic packaging with can filling selection system and closing of the cover.

We are able to provide:

• Manual can packaging machine (BR).

• Automatic can packaging machine with vacuum closing (BRCV).

• Packaging machine for cans for hot melt products (BRCH).


For drums packaging, our company is able to offer a wide range of equipment suitable for each type of product and for all types of viscosity: low, medium or high:

• Drum filling with fixed nozzle (RF).

• Drum filling with lifting plate (RFP).

• Drum filling with fixed nozzle and drum lifting (RFS).

• Drum vacuum filling (RFV).


Available two product lines for packaging aluminium or polyethylene tubes.

Turello agents and our customer service

Our customer support service relies on the collaboration of a network of representatives present in China, South Korea, the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom and is able to analyse the needs of your company quickly in order to be able to present a customised project capable of satisfying your needs. The relationship of trust that we establish with our customers does not stop when a machine leaves our factory but continues in the care of the routine and extraordinary maintenance of your Turello industrial machines and in a prompt support service in case of breakdowns or malfunctions.

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