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The cartoning machines improve the production process by guaranteeing the packaging of cartridges and bags in the most diverse industrial sectors.Turello has developed several lines of automatic cartoning machines that meet the particular needs of customers.

In fact, the catalogue includes both advanced machines capable of handling large workloads and hybrid solutions more suitable for small volumes with frequent need to change formats. A common factor is the ability to customise them from different points of view.

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In our company's catalogue we have provided three different solutions to satisfy companies of all sizes in the cartridge and bag packaging process. The common feature is the reliability of Turello machines, a virtue honed by the over 45 years of our manufacturing history.

The machines with the longest history of innovation are those of the IAC series which guarantee the complete automation of the cartridge packaging process. Their strong point, in addition to the ability to quickly adapt to any type of format, is their high production capacity (up to 80 cartridges per minute).

Over the years, the need to automate the packaging process of bags into cartons has also become more evident. Thus was born the IAS series which adapts to every packaging line and maintains all the characteristics of personalisation, efficiency and work capacity (70 bags per minute) already typical of the IAC series.

Companies that have to pack both cartridges and bags have in the IACS series the solution that best suits their needs. These hybrid cartoning machines allow complete automation of processes even to those companies whose production volumes do not justify the investment in a line dedicated only to cartridges or only to bags. Versatility, customisation and reliability are the characteristics of Turello machines which are even more accentuated in this product.

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In addition to packaging needs, Turello also produces automated or manual devices for inserting clips onto cartridges or between cartridges. The ICN series (clip-nozzel insertion device) and ICV (clip insertion device) can be configured, according to the customer's needs, as single machines or integrated within the company production chains by adapting their production capacity to the existing carton conveyor systems.

What unites Turello products is the constant attention to customer needs from the design phase to the installation and commissioning phase of the various devices. A care that also characterises the maintenance and assistance phase thanks to a customer service present in different countries of the world and refined by decades of experience.

Markets and applications

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Wide choice of cartoning machines for packaging cartridges and bags.

The following are available:

• Automatic cartoning machines for cartridges (IAC)

• Automatic cartoning machines for bags (IAS)

• Automatic cartoning machines for bags and cartridges (IACS)

• Clip-nozel insertion devices onto cartridges (ICN)

• Vertical clip insertion devices into the carton (ICV)


Our Company, through its production systems or through collaboration with dedicated manufacturers, is able to offer a wide range of solutions for handling and managing cartons.

The following are available:

• Automatic palletizers (IP)

• Winding machines

• Carton movement and transport belts

• Labelling machines and inkjet markers for cartons

Turello agents and our customer service

Our customer support service relies on the collaboration of a network of representatives present in China, South Korea, the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom and is able to analyse the needs of your company quickly in order to be able to present a customised project capable of satisfying your needs. The relationship of trust that we establish with our customers does not stop when a machine leaves our factory but continues in the care of the routine and extraordinary maintenance of your Turello industrial machines and in a prompt support service in case of breakdowns or malfunctions.

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