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Storage and handling of raw materials: Turello's solutions

Precision, ductility and safety: these characteristics are fundamental when storing raw materials for production and when handling them.

Turello has developed several customisable solutions to meet the requirements of companies working with liquid, granular or powder raw materials.

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Bag opening machines, silos and tanks

For emptying bags containing granular or powder products, Turello has created the MRS series aimed at every industrial sector. The array of accessories and options makes it possible to adapt this machine to the needs of companies, whatever their size or sector. MRS bag opening machines are available in both automatic and manual versions.

MSLIQ and MSPOL series silos are available for storing liquids and powders. Constructed in aluminium alloy or stainless steel depending on the function required, they provide the very guarantee in terms of processing and durability. With over forty years of experience in the sector, Turello has also been able to develop various solutions to incorporate a wide range of emptying and transfer systems to end uses of both powders and liquids.

The MSIBC storage system is designed to house 1000-litre tanks used for transporting liquids. It allows the tank contents to be transferred quickly and a swift return. The pump is used both for product emptying and transfer.

Storage solutions aren't just for raw materials. In actual fact, the MPP series has been designed to store finished medium-viscosity products.

Dosing systems

Made with stainless steel or aluminium alloys, Turello's dosing systems allow you to transfer the right quantities of raw materials to the mixing systems. The MDPOL series, for powders, and MDLIQ, for liquids, come in a range of sizes and types. They can be equipped to allow material extraction and transfer according to specific company needs (elimination of transport fluid, keeping the product in an inert atmosphere).

Dryers for powders

The MDR series is the line of dryers for powders that lets you reduce the relative humidity of particular powders (pyrogenic silica, calcium carbonate, carbon black) before use in mixing systems. Turello is able to manufacture different types of these machines:

• Continuous dryers;

• Batch dryers;

• Heating chambers;

The specifications of Turello's industrial machine are defined by making use of our network of representatives in China, South Korea, the USA, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our professional sales network and expert support from our customer service at all stages of the purchase and after-sales means we can fine tune together with our customers all the features that make every single Turello machine an example of Italian manufacturing excellence.

Markets and applications

Food industry
food industry

For every production line

For handling raw materials we can supplied:

For powders:

• Bag opening machines, manual or automatic (MRS)

• Storage silos (MSPOL)

• Handling systems for powders, pneumatic, mechanical, air mechanical and dense phase conveying system

• Flash Dryers or Batch Dryer (MDR)

• Weight dosing systems (MDPOL)

For liquids:

• Storage silos (MSLIQ) and storage Tanks (MSIBC)

• Pumps

• Weight or volumetric dosing systems (MDLIQ)

• Storage systems for finished products (MPP)

Turello agents and our customer service

Our customer support service relies on the collaboration of a network of representatives present in China, South Korea, the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom and is able to analyse the needs of your company quickly in order to be able to present a customised project capable of satisfying your needs. The relationship of trust that we establish with our customers does not stop when a machine leaves our factory but continues in the care of the routine and extraordinary maintenance of your Turello industrial machines and in a prompt support service in case of breakdowns or malfunctions.

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