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Turello industrial systems: complete and reliable solutions

The skills and experience of the Turello workers find their maximum expression in the complete industrial systems made for the production of inks, polyurethane hot-melt adhesives, lubricants, sealants and silicones.

These are solutions that integrate different machines capable of carrying out all stages of the production process from the handling of raw materials, to dosing, mixing, wrapping and packaging. Complex systems whose reliability is guaranteed by the decades of experience of our company and by the satisfaction of our customers.

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Packaging and production of inks

The UFPIK series system, produced by Turello, allows the production and packaging of small batches (from 30 to 50 l) in series, ensuring the absence of contamination between one batch and another. The different Turello machines (mixer with colour measurement, cleaning system, extrusion press with manual filling system, mixing tank washing system) are connected via rollers, forming a completely automated system. Maximum flexibility, great elasticity and speed of response are the three main characteristics of this machine.

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Pigmentation and packaging of LSR

The fully automated system of the UFPSR series allows you to manage the pigmentation process and packaging of LSR in drums and pails from start to finish. The use of a tilting press with emptying from the bottom and the direct connection on the static mixer allows the entire production process to be carried out without the need for flexible pipes.

Production of polyurethane hot-melt adhesives

The UPHT series allows the automated production and packaging of hot-melt adhesives in drums, pails, cans or cartridges. Consisting of eight different machines, Turello is able to manage the entire production process from emptying polymer drums to mixing, dosing and packaging. The experience gained over the years in this specific sector by our company allows us to install a product that requires reduced maintenance and guarantees operation in complete safety.

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Batch production of greases

The industrial system of the UPG series allows automation of the entire process for the batch production of special greases. The Turello machines that make up the system as a whole are eight and guarantee, in addition to high levels of safety, a production process that minimises material waste.

The systems for the packaging of cartridges and bags

To manage the cartridge packaging process, we have created three series of systems that adapt to the different production realities in which they must be inserted. In the presence of low production volumes or high variability of packaging, the UFSM manual systems for packaging cartridges guarantees a low investment, a moderate productivity (15/20 cartridges per minute) and high flexibility. Faced with a greater workload, the UFSS semi-automatic series allows an excellent compromise between automation and investment, guaranteeing greater productivity (up to 25 cartridges/minute) and freeing the operator from the cartridge closing phase.

The UFSA series, on the other hand, are aimed at those companies that need complete automation of the cartridge and bag packaging process. Usable for both production and packaging, they can be modulated to manage the entire production process or only a part of it according to specific business needs.

The production systems of sealants and silicones

The UPSIL series is the flagship of Turello production. This is the only system on the market produced entirely by the same company in all its components and able to manage the entire production process of sealants and silicones "turnkey". The integrated management of the production process of these sealant production systems guarantees repeatability, reproducibility and consistency in product quality. The ease of control and monitoring, the simplicity of maintenance and use are instead characteristics common to all Turello machines, as well as the distinctive feature of our company.

Markets and applications

Food industry
food industry

For every production line

The wide range of products from our workshop has allowed us to develop automated integrated systems, specific for each product type:

• Flexible lines for inks packaging (UFPIK)

• Flexible lines for LSR production (UFPSR)

• Automatic lines for silicones packaging in cartridges and bags (UPSS,UPSA)

• Systems for hot melt adhesives production (UPHT)

• Systems for the production of special greases (UPG)

• Systems for the sealants production (UPSIL)

Turello agents and our customer service

Our customer support service relies on the collaboration of a network of representatives present in China, South Korea, the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom and is able to analyse the needs of your company quickly in order to be able to present a customised project capable of satisfying your needs. The relationship of trust that we establish with our customers does not stop when a machine leaves our factory but continues in the care of the routine and extraordinary maintenance of your Turello industrial machines and in a prompt support service in case of breakdowns or malfunctions.

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